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Medical Illustrator
  • Create technically accurate medical Illustrations using 3D, 2D models and textures.
  • Assists to create 3D models, gesture, angle, composition, textures, etc.
  • Follows standards and guidelines for consistent corporate identity.
  • Maintains all files in digital asset management system.
  • Familiarize parts / functions of the images being redesigned.
  • Provide visual renderings of complicated anatomy and medical concepts.
  • Demonstrate ability to analyze data and perform extensive research.
  • Candidate should have his own pc, monitor and drawing tablet.
  • Degree or diploma in Fine Arts, Multimedia Arts, or any related field
  • Must be highly organized, flexible to changing condition and be constantly aware of project deadlines.
  • Responsible for completing multiple tasks with given timelines
  • Excellent communication skills with an understanding of medical art
  • Able to demonstrate ability to analyze data.
  • Keen to details in anatomy proportions, color, values, textures, composition, etc.
  • Ability to draw and alter existing images, be it in 2D or 3D based illustrations, to best suit the image required
  • Great team player and able to collaborate with other designers
  • Ability to handle criticism and corrections
  • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Animate, Illustrators etc.
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Company: Software Expert Systems
Closing Date: 04/30/2021
Location: FLB Corporate Center, Cebu Business Park
Salary: 20,000 - 35,000
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